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Erie High School, Erie Middle School, Erie Elementary School


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- Jeff Wirth

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- Teresa Byam-Adamson, Sewer/Water Clerk

- Gail Possley, Village Clerk

Police Department

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Zoning Board Members

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- Curt Bartels


The Village of Erie is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

For more info on Employee Cost and Participation Information, visit


January Agenda
January 2022 agenda.docx
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is starting to install fiber optic cable this week, and will be installing through November. If you have any questions, call (309) 496-3737



To reserve the pavilion at Heritage Park, call the Village Office at 659-7740.
• This is a Public Service at no cost.
• Please clean the area when you are finished using it.
• Do NOT overload electrical outlets. You will be charged if Village Employees are called out to reset.
• No alcohol is allowed.
• This is a public park. Others may be using other areas of the park outside the pavilion. Please be respectful of everyone.

2020 Water Report

CCR 2020.pdf
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The Erie Food Pantry would like to remind everyone about
their service to our community.
  • They serve all those who reside in the Erie School District
  • Complete of a short form is all you need to do to register
  • There is always an assortment of produce, meat, canned goods, cleaning supplies, etc
  • Extra safety protocols are currently in place (masks, social distancing, etc)
  • The Food Pantry is open the 3rd Friday of each month from 9-10 am and the previous Wednesday from 6-7 pm
  • Watch the 'Erie Food Pantry' Facebook page for further info
  • Any questions can be directed to Gerilyn Pritchard (309-659-2332) or Curt Huizenga (309-236-0282)
We are very fortunate to have this service in our community.
Spread the word to help those who could benefit from the Food Pantry.


The Village water system has had $1.44 million in improvements made in the last year. This includes painting of the water tower, both inside and out, new radio read water meters, and an EPA required nitrate filtration system.  At the Village of Erie board meeting in March, new water and sewer rates were approved. 


  • Basic user rates will remain the same.  
  • The water user charge will be $10.00 per thousand gallons used (previously it was $6.00 per thousand gallons used).


This increase will be in effect on the July 1st billing.
The last time water rates were increased was in March of 2010.
If you have questions, please contact the Village Office at 659-7740.





The Erie Police Department would like to let the citizens know about the While on Patrol forms officers will be utilizing time to time.  The While on Patrol form may be completed when an officer is patrolling a neighborhood and notices certain issues that make the property vulnerable to crime.  Not only do these forms provide a friendly suggestion, but they also inform the property owner that their neighborhood or business is being patrolled by the Erie Police Department.  
As always, if there are any questions, please contact the Erie Police Department. 
Chief Rollie Elder 

Holiday Fun Around Town

That was then - this is now.

The Village employees sponsored a Turkey Dinner Giveaway and the winners were announced today. It may not have been quite as big as it was in the 60's but from the looks of some of these smiles, it was just as fun! A special thanks to the village employees!




ComEd’s Life Support Registry is mandated by the ICC and ComEd has a yearly

commitment to provide an up-to-date list of customers on Life Support.


All customers on the registry must re-certify the equipment every 12 months to

remain on the registry.  They are required to provide documentation from a physician

explaining the need for life sustaining equipment.


Please have any Life Support documentation sent to the attention of the Supervisor

at the following via fax or mail:


Fax: (630) 684-2851


Mail: ComEd/Revenue Management


Life Support Registry

PO Box 2550

Chicago, IL  60690


If you have questions regarding this process please contact ComEd at 1-800-334-7661


Reminder: The Life Support Equipment Registry listing does not:

  • Prevent the account from disconnection for non-payment
  • Guarantee uninterrupted electric service
  • Provide priority restoration of your electric service when an interruption occur





It has been brought to our attention there is a new phone scam in our area targeting Erie residents. 


The scenario is this: A resident will receive a phone call from a person pretending to be an Erie Police Officer.  He will then warn you that there is going to be a warrant issued for your arrest the following day unless you pay a certain amount of bond money.  The alleged officer will go as far to provide you with another phone number to call, verify his claim and arrange payment.  The caller ID on your phone will even display the number for the Erie Police Department, however the scam artist is using “spoof” technology which displays a false number.  Let me assure you that the Erie Police Department will never call and ask for money over the phone to post bond on warrants.  By no means should you ever provide any credit card or account information over the phone.  Should you receive this call or one like it, the best thing to do is simply hang up and not respond.     

Thank You,

Chief of Police

Rollie Elder       



Info from Police Chief Rollie Elder

Here at the Erie Police Department, public safety is a top priority.  We would like to take this moment and focus on our response to your house or the residence of a loved one.  Many times, EMS along with police will be dispatched to an address due to a medical issue where the person inside cannot get up to unlock the door or to conduct a welfare check due to the resident not being seen for some time.  This is where the Knox Box becomes a useful tool.  The Knox Box is a secured, locked box, placed somewhere on the exterior of the house that can only be unlocked with a key held by law enforcement, Fire, or EMS personnel.  When someone inside the residence calls 911 for help, the dispatch center notifies responding agencies of the box location.  Once on scene, the box is unlocked and the key to the residence is removed to gain quick access.  This is helpful in many ways.  Not only does it allow faster medical treatment to whoever may need it inside the residence, but it also prevents damage to the home should the doors be locked and forced entry is used.  The cost of the Knox Box used in our area is approximately $170.00.  They can be purchased using the website  www.knoxhomebox.comor by contacting the Erie Fire Protection District.  As always, if there are any questions feel free to stop in and speak with any of your Erie Police Officers.   


Info from Police Chief Rollie Elder

What does a Prowler, a Burglar and a Thief all have in common? Well, the answer is that during their course of business, they are all looking for easy targets. Some of the notable items sought after by criminals are the following: open garage or shed doors, unlocked vehicles or vehicles with the windows down, lawnmowers left in the yard at night, a poorly lighted yard which makes it easy to sneak around. These are just a few of the many items criminals look for when deciding to commit a crime. We, as citizens, need to do what we can to protect our property and remain vigilant. If your property is secured, in most cases the criminal will move on to the next easy target. As always, please feel free to contact the Erie Police Department if you see or hear anything suspicious in your neighborhood.


The Erie Police Department would like to clear up some misconceptions about stray animals reported to law enforcement and later turned over to Whiteside County Animal Control.  If Whiteside County Animal Control recovers an animal, every effort is made to contact the rightful owner.  In the event the owner of an animal cannot be located, animal control will work with local no-kill shelters to find the animal a new home.  Whiteside County Animal Control would only euthanize an animal that is a threat to the public should it be released.  With that said, please have your pets in a secure area and see to it they are micro-chipped.  This will help reunite a pet with the owner if they get loose.


From the Erie Police Department


Everyone is encouraged to stop by the PD and get to know your officers.  Although we enforce the laws and ordinances, we here at the Erie Police Department, wish to remain active in our community.  Our Officers strive to be positive role models for the youth and a helping hand for those in need.  Also, if there are any community organizations that would like an officer to speak during a monthly meeting, please let us know and we will make arrangements.       

Thank You,

Chief Rollie Elder 




Village of Erie Electricity Aggregation Program


Recently there have been questions asked about the Municipal Electricity Aggregation program in the Village of Erie. New residents have just received a letter regarding the program which prompted others who have been in the program to have questions. We hope this information will help you better understand the program.  

All power produced by the nuclear power plants in Illinois is put into the grid.  ComEd is not affected directly by the power output of the plants since their power is secured by the Illinois Power Agency twice a year from the grid and the energy rates are set by ComEd and approved by the Illinois Commerce Commission.  Suppliers, like mc2 for the Village of Erie also purchase their power from the grid.  The energy contract that the Village secured with mc2 was by competitively bidding the entire communities load and the Village Board choose the supplier and term based on lowest costs.  This is measured against the ComEd rate.  Residents and small business are included in the mc2 bid but do have the option of opting out of the program.  ComEd is indifferent to whether you get power from them, or from a 3rd party supplier.  They make their money on the delivery service which guarantees them a % return on their investment in their infrastructure  of Poles, wires and transformers. They do not make any money on the energy portion of the bill.

The Village of Erie Municipal Aggregation is with mc2 at $0.06990kWh through September 2021.

The current ComEd residential electric supply rate is $0.07219/kWh.


For more information, you can call mc 2 at 1-855-575-9231 or email your questions to




Garbage and Recycling Toters

 The toters must be set out the night before or no later than 6:00 am on your pick up day.

 It is possible that you will not get them emptied if they are not out by 6:00 am.  Thank you!



Information About Discolored Water - Click the link below to get information.

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