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Phone: 309 659-7740


Erie School District: 309-659-2239; Website:

Erie High School, Erie Middle School, Erie Elementary School

Area Churches


Erie United Methodist Church: 811 8th Street, Erie, IL; 309-659-2541; Worship Service-9:00 am; Sunday School-10:15 am.

Erie Christian Church: 715 6th Avenue, Erie, IL; 309-659-2561; Worship Service-9 am; Sunday School-10:30 am.

Erie Baptist Church: 8th Avenue & 11th Street; 309-659-2163; Worship Service-10:25 am; Sunday School-9:15 am.

St. Ambrose Catholic Church: 820 5th Street, Erie, IL; 309-659-2781; Saturday Mass-4:00 pm; Sunday Mass- 8:30 am.

Newton Zion Reformed Church: 10645 Frog Pond Rd., Erie, IL; 309-659-2464; Worship Service-9:00 am; Sunday School-10:15 am

Fenton Methodist Church: 10019 Main Street, Fenton, IL; 815-778-3789; Worship Service-9:00 am; Sunday School-10:30 am.

Erie Evangelical Free Church: 1409 16th Avenue, Erie, IL; 309-659-7129; Worship Service-9:00 am; Sunday School-10:15 am.

Garbage Pickup for this week will be on Saturday February 10 rather than Friday.


Until Further Notice;

Due to the extended stretch of cold weather, the Village of Erie Public Works Department is advising you to let your faucets run at a slow trickle to avoid frozen water services.


Welcome to the Village of Erie, Illinois Website! Erie ia a village in Whiteside County, Illinois. Population is 1700 at the 2010 Census. According to the Census Bureau, the village has a total area of 1.4 square miles of which is 0.71% water.

To all Erie Residents:

     Recently Erie Police Department has fielded numerous complaints reference The Village of Erie's Golf Cart/Off Highway Motor Vehicle Ordinance.  The complaints have included reckless driving, too many occupants for the cart, and underage/not licensed drivers operating the carts.  We created this Ordinance as a convenience for Village of Erie Residents, and for people to have fun and enjoy the streets in a different manner than normal.  The stipulations for this Ordinance are as follows.


1.  The operator of the cart must have a valid Driver's License, and be 18 years of age.

2.  The number of occupants must equal the number of seats (no kids sitting in laps!)

3.  The cart must have working headlights and tail lights.

4.  A slow moving placard must be on the rear of the vehicle.

5.  Valid and current insurance needs to be in place on the cart.

6.  All rules of the road must be followed.

7.  The cart must be inspected by Erie Police Department and a yearly permit is then issued.


     Erie Police Department will enforce any and all violations to the Ordinance with either State or Village Citations with fines ranging from $100-$500.  If the complaints do not cease we will have no choice but to eliminate the Ordinance for good.

     We have also taken complaints on the electric "razor" type scooters.  These are not licensed motor vehicles, and therfore cannot be used on Village streets.  They also are not "toys" and should not be used without adult supervision.


                                                                                                 Thank you for your cooperation.

                                                                                                  Chief Will T. Lukehart





To view 2016 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report, go to:


PRESIDENT: Ms. Marcia Smith


TRUSTEES: Mr. Kurt Wolf, Mrs. Kathy Kuhnen, Mrs. Becky Cox, Ms. Ella Bright, Mr. Chad Weaver, and Mr. Jeff Wirth



DEPUTY CLERK: Ms. Teresa Byam-Adamson


POLICE DEPARTMEN T: Mr. Will Lukehart, Mr. Jordan Jacob, Mr. Brian Hawk


PUBLIC WORKS: Mr. Shaun Meier, Mr. Derek Ward


ZONING BOARD: Mr. Tod McCullough ( Building Inspector) Mr. Gail Dillin, Mr.Tom Border, Ms. Michelle Blackmer, Mrs. Brenda Anglese, Mr. Matt Newton, Mr Mike Murphy, Mr. Troy VanDeWostine


CEMETERY: Mr. Steve Possley, Ms. Teresa Byam-Adamson


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