Village of Erie

Office Open Monday-Friday

8:30 am-12:30, 1:00-4:00 pm
740 Main Street
Erie, IL 61250
Phone:  (309)  659-7740


Erie School District: 

(309) 659-2239


Erie High School, Erie Middle School, Erie Elementary School


- Marcia Smith


- Jeff Wirth

- Becky Cox

- Woody Besse

- Tara Kapple

- Quincy Pool

- Joe Froeliger

Village Treasurer

- Doug Wherry


- Teresa Byam-Adamson, Sewer/Water Clerk

- Gail Possley, Village Clerk

Police Department

- Chief Rollie Elder

- Brian Hawk

- Jessica Adams

Public Works Department

- Joel Papineau, Supervisor

- Shannon Decker

- Terry Sullivan

- Travis Greth

- Matt Huizenga

Building Inspector

- Tod McCullough

Cemetery Sexton

- Steve Possley

Zoning Board Members

- Jason Neels

- Michelle Blackmer

- Matt Newton

- Eamonn Cox

- Troy VanDeWostine

- Mike Murphy

- Curt Bartels


The Village of Erie is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

For more info on Employee Cost and Participation Information, visit


Erie's History


1850 - The village of Erie was laid out.  First home built by Orville Brooks.


1852 - Erie Township was organized.


1854 - The first church was organized.


1855 - The first sawmill was built.


1868 - Thirst flourmill was built.


1869 - Railroad service to Erie.  Burchell's General Store opened.


1872 - The Village of Erie was incorporated. Joseph Grover was the first mayor.


1875 - The first newspaper was established and called the Erie Independent. The subscription cost was  $1.00 per year.


1881 - First telephone service in Erie.


1892 - First Erie Rock River bridge was built at a cost of $21, 500.00.


1896 - First High School was built. Six teachers employed; 1 primary, 1 intermediate, 1 grammar, 1 music and 2 others.


1903 - First bank opens in Erie.


1920- American Legion Post organized.


1925 - Village Square paved.


1932 - Last Erie Civil War Veteran dies.


So it began...the Erie Town "square" (which is really a triangle) was originally three Indian foot-paths, later a stage and wagon road and in 1915 was paved and took much of the appearance we see today. The words of Chief Black Hawk, are worth repeating..."Rock River was a beautiful country.  I like my towns and my corn fields, and the home of my people. I fought for it; it is now yours. It will produce you good crops."

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