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Office Open Monday-Friday

8:30 am-12:30, 1:00-4:00 pm
740 Main Street
Erie, IL 61250
Phone:  (309)  659-7740


Erie School District: 

(309) 659-2239


Erie High School, Erie Middle School, Erie Elementary School


- Marcia Smith


- Jeff Wirth

- Becky Cox

- Woody Besse

- Tara Kapple

- Quincy Pool

- Joe Froeliger

Village Treasurer

- Doug Wherry


- Teresa Byam-Adamson, Sewer/Water Clerk

- Gail Possley, Village Clerk

Police Department

- Chief Rollie Elder

- Brian Hawk

- Jessica Adams

Public Works Department

- Joel Papineau, Supervisor

- Shannon Decker

- Terry Sullivan

- Travis Greth

- Matt Huizenga

Building Inspector

- Tod McCullough

Cemetery Sexton

- Steve Possley

Zoning Board Members

- Jason Neels

- Michelle Blackmer

- Matt Newton

- Eamonn Cox

- Troy VanDeWostine

- Mike Murphy

- Curt Bartels


The Village of Erie is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

For more info on Employee Cost and Participation Information, visit



 Village of Erie Board Meetings

Village of Erie Board Meetings are slated for the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. in the Village Office.


                   January 12, 2021

                   February 9, 2021

                   March 9, 2021

                   April 13, 2021

                   May 11, 2021

                   June 8, 2021

                   July 13, 2021

                   August 10, 2021

                   September 14, 2021

                   October 12, 2021

                   November 9, 2021

                   December14, 2021



Garbage Pick Up Every Friday

Holiday Schedule: Collections will be delayed one day when the following holidays fall on or before your day:  New Year Day, Christmas Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving Day.

*Recycling toters with tan lids must be set out the night before or no later than 6:00 am on your pick up day and shoud contain recycled items ONLY. Recyclable items can be loose and co-mingled together in your recycling toter but residents are encouraged to place smaller recyclables (mail, stredded paper, etc.) in paper grocery bags inside your toter to minimize the risk of blowing.

*In the event that you have additional recyclable items, you may place items in a separate paper bag, cardboard box or container clearly marked for recycling beside the toter.

*Please do not dispose of plastic bags in your recycling toter or use them to contain excess recyclable items as these contaminate the recycled material. Styrofoam and blister packaging are also unacceptable.

*Recycled items in your toter must be empty and free of food, drink, or any residue.

*ACCEPTABLE RECYCLABLE ITEMS: Metal products-tin and aluminum. Empty and rinse container completely. Place lids inside of cans. Labels do not have to be removed.

*Glass products-glass jars and bottles only. Empty and rinse container completely. Labels do not have to be removed.

*Plastic products-plastic jugs and bottles. Containers with the numbers 1 through 7 on the bottom, (Except Styroroam and blister packaging). Empty and rinse container completely. Lables do not have to be removed.

*Paper products-All newsprint is acceptable. Junk Mail-Includes envelopes, fliers, brochures, bill stubs and advertisements in bill, old papers, all white and colored paper. Other paper items-catalogs, magazines, phone books, soft cover books (hard cover books need covers removed). Brown Kraft Paper Bags-grocery, shopping, lunch bags, etc. Corrugated (Cardboard Boxes)-break down, bundle or stack boxes to easily fit in your toter or stack excess beside your toter in manageable sizes not exceeding 3 foot square. Other cardboard-food boxes, clothing boxes, shoe boxes, toy and game boxes, beverage cartons, soda boxes, etc.


Trash toters with chocolate lids must be set out the night before or before 6:00 am on your pick up day. Bagging your items (especially perishable items) whenever possible will keep toters clean and prevent blowing of loose material on windy days.

*Only extra trash bags not exceeding 30 gallons in capacity or 30 lbs. in weight can be set out with your trash with a securely attached sticker around the neck of the bag.  Stickers may be purchased at the village office, Shaheen's Grocery, or Hill and Dell.


Contact MORING DISPOSAL with further questions @ 800-423-0759 or at their website at




Water, Sewer, and Garbage Bills

*Water, sewer, and garbage bills are mailed out every other month starting in January.  January 1st, March 1st, May 1st, July 1st, September 1st, November 1st.

*Water, sewer, and garbage bills are DUE the 20th of the Month mailed out...(January bill due Jan. 20, etc.), unless otherwise stated.


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